Natural stone bathrooms

Bluestone in the bathroom exudes peace and tranquility

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Your bathroom is – or should be – a haven of relaxation, as it’s the ultimate place for you to escape the hustle and bustle of your busy life. A sure way to create that peaceful atmosphere in the bathroom is by using natural materials. Bluestone by Carrières du Hainaut is over 345 million years old. Formed in what was then a tropical sea, the material is perfectly suitable for wet areas.

Always a sight for sore eyes, bluestone is a popular natural stone for bathrooms and all sorts of wellness facilities including hammams, saunas and spas. Unlike many imitations, natural bluestone quickly adapts to the temperature of the room and holds warmth well – which is why walking barefoot on a bluestone bathroom floor is always a joy. 

Naturally impenetrable and having endured the most severe weather conditions for millions of years, Carrières du Hainaut’s bluestone never disappoints when it comes to maintenance, too. Because bluestone is a hard limestone, certain finishes hide lime traces mixed into the natural nuances of the stone. What’s more, the material becomes even lovelier over time, provided you maintain it without using anti-limescale products.

Bathroom bluestone, floor, wall, bath and countertop

What are the various possible applications for Bluestone in the bathroom?

Hainaut Blue Stone has a variety of elegant applications in the bathroom. It can be used to create refined vanity tops, floor coverings with luxurious accents, elegant shower enclosures or even bath and wall elements. Its ability to combine functionality and aesthetics makes Blue Stone an exceptional choice for transforming your bathroom space. 
Discover below the different applications to enhance your bathroom.

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