Frequently Asked Questions

Blue Limestone and it's benefits

Why choosing for the authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut?

What is the difference between blue limestone and other, similar rocks or ceramic?

How is authentic Blue Limestone of Hainaut of a better quality than other stones of similar appearance?

How can one distinguish the true Blue Limestone of Hainaut from imitations or foreign stones?

Where can I find the Blue Limestone of Carrières du Hainaut?

Where can I buy Blue Limestone of Hainaut?

How can I be sure that a dealer is selling the authentic blue limestone from Carrières du Hainaut?

Where can I find a worktop, a table, a bench, or other custom-made pieces?

Where do I find crushed stone, or other aggregates?

And where can I find gabions (wire boxes filled with stone)?

Your stone day-to-day - Cleaning & renovation

Can one use soap to clean and maintain blue limestone?

What is the best soap to use?

There’s a white veil or film on the surface of my blue limestone. What should I do?

How do I protect my blue limestone?

How do I maintain bluestone on my terrace?

Can I use spreading salt during the winter on my bluestone?

How can I speed up the patina effect on my stone?

And how can I slow down the patina effect on my stone?

Can I wax my blue limestone floor?

Is it possible to restore blue limestone?

What about black stains that appear on my stone?

Is it possible to remove rust stains from my blue limestone?

How to choose one's stone? - What applications are available?

Choosing a finish

What thickness should be used in interior application?

What thickness should be used in exterior application?

Can blue limestone be used around a swimming pool?

Can blue limestone be used for a fireplace or a barbecue?

Does blue limestone suffer from ice or extreme cold?

Renovation: remove tiles and lay a new floor

Is it always necessary to remove the old tiles first?

How do I go about removing my floor?

Does the subfloor have to be perfectly level before I start?

How thick should my new tiles be?


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