A bluestone swimming pool

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Bluestone and water: back to nature

Countless years ago, bluestone formed in the depths of a tropical, warm sea that used to submerge our region. It is therefore not surprising that this natural stone thrives in the vicinity of water. Since bluestone is a non-porous natural stone, water simply forms drops on the surface instead of penetrating it. What’s more, bluestone is one of the most qualitative materials available for outdoor applications, and looks incredibly chic when used for swimming pool walls and coping.



Soft and safe edging for swimming pools

When it comes to swimming pool edges, safety and comfort are the two most important criteria. Especially if you have children running around, slippery tiles are the last thing you want for your pool.  Conversely, however, you’re not keen on scratching your bare feet against an abrasive surface after taking a refreshing dip in the water either. Swimming pool edges made of Belgian bluestone combine the best of both worlds. Our anti-slip finishes prevent accidents while still feeling silky soft to the touch.


Inspiration for your blue stone swimming pool

Your swimming pool is a luxurious asset to your garden, so, evidently, only top-quality materials will do. If you’re like most people, you also want the style of your swimming pool to perfectly match your home. No worries, though: Carrières du Hainaut offers numerous finishes in various styles. A textured finish, Blue Flamed is anti-slip yet feels wonderfully smooth. EnoSkin, our latest top choice for swimming pool edges, is a slightly grainy – and therefore extra safe – finish that is particularly soft on the feet as well. For your pool walls, Blue Flamed and Sawn are both excellent options, as their gorgeous shades of blue will stand out from the water surface and resemble the turquoise hue of natural hot springs. Add swimming pool lighting and you’re guaranteed to enjoy a beautiful spectacle on the water in the evenings!


The structured and powerful look of the EnoLuce finish will emphasize the exterior design of terraces, alleys or facades.

The deep anthracite grey colour with its numerous fossil fragments and calcite crystals gives EnoLuce tiles a subtle play of light and elegance. The slightly rough surface structure gives EnoLuce tiles an anti-slip effect.

Carrières du Hainaut’s exclusivity!

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