EnoSkin | Blue Limestone | Carrières du Hainaut

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The EnoSkin® finish from Carrières du Hainaut® is the stone of choice for those who are looking for a beautiful, light, homogeneous grey which is slightly grainy but with a soft and structured appearance.  

Non-slippery, this is the perfect finish for use on floors in busy or wet passageways such as entrances, bathrooms, shower walls, staircases, pool edges, etc... This non-porous stone is also highly resistant to frost and other weather effects, and is thus ideal for facades, pavings, footings, terraces, etc.

slightly structured
light grey
a fine grain that lends physical finesse
Minimal thickness
1,5 cm
Maximal thickness
30 cm
  • Tablets
  • Exterior floor
  • Exterior wall
  • Interior floor
  • Interior wall
  • Anti skid

Inside : paving in entrance halls or bathrooms, on shower walls, staircases and other decorative elements

Outside : paving, terrace, pool, passageways, staircases, facades, low walls, wall coverings, bases and other decorative elements.