A bluestone bathroom floor

Discover our Hainaut Blue Stone floor coverings for a sumptuous bathroom

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Bluestone: warm and stylish as well as safe

If you’re in the market for a new bathroom floor, chances are you have a whole list of specific features in mind. Naturally, you want your new floor to look beautiful and make a stylish statement. But we bet you also want a bathroom floor that’s easy to maintain. You can rest assured, though, because bluestone scores excellently in both departments. In addition, as bluestone retains heat well, your bathroom will always feel blissfully warm. Wellness? Check! Furthermore, there are plenty of slip-resistant bluestone tiles available. Safety? Double check!



As you’ll be walking around barefoot in your bathroom most of the time, a floor that feels soft to the touch is certainly no luxury. However, you don’t want the tiles to be too smooth either, as accidents are quick to happen otherwise. That’s why we recommend a slightly textured finish, such as EnoSkin or Blue Flamed. Did you know, by the way, that you can even clad your bathroom entirely in bluestone? Go for a tone-on-tone effect on the walls by choosing tiles that have the same finish, or get creative with a variety of finishes such as Charred, Sclyped or Frosted. Of course, blue stone looks great next to wood or glass elements, too, so feel free to combine all sorts of different materials in your bathroom interior. You can also play with colour and, for example, cover your floor with tiles in various finishes.


Dimpled tiles of Carrières du Hainaut, light grey in colour, have many overlapping points. Their rough texture is accentuated thanks to its sharper relief parts, compared to Bush-Hammered tiles which have a softer, more rounded ruggedness.

The ultimate anti-slip tiles, on the floor, they are reserved for outdoor applications and generally for delicate passages, which require great vigilance and reinforced safety. Dimpled tiles are ideal for terraces and staircases, but can also be placed vertically, both indoors (for Fine-Grain Dimpled) and outdoors (Fine- or Coarse-Grain Dimpled), for original and creative wall coverings.

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