A washstand in bluestone

Your washstand in bluestone plays a key role in your daily life

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The washstand is one of the first things you see when you start your day. On top of which, this piece of bathroom furniture has many different functions, from your daily hygiene to a quick hand-wash. The material you choose for your washstand must be beautiful to the look at, create a sense of well-being and be durable. We can tell you right away that a washstand in blue limestone, also known as bluestone, never disappoints.


Maintaining a washstand in bluestone

Blue limestone is a fantastic material for bathroom applications. It is extremely maintenance-friendly: bluestone is a hard type of limestone, as a result, possible calcium deposits will blend in with the nuances of certain finishes of the stone. In addition, the stone is non-porous, moisture and other care products will not penetrate it and will therefore not cause any permanent stains. As long as you refrain from using anti-calcium products, there's not much you can do wrong. Spilled some skin cream or body lotion on your hard bluestone washstand? Just wipe it off with a damp cloth and possibly some pH neutral detergent.

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A washstand in bluestone: a lifelong luxury

Add to this that bluestone is very appealing and stylish, and it will come as no surprise that many luxury hotels and restaurants have integrated blue limestone in their interiors. There are various ways of integrating bluestone into your bathroom. You can, for instance, choose to only have the bathroom floor and walls tiled with bluestone, but you can have the furniture executed in bluestone as well. A washstand in bluestone immediately gives your bathroom an air of luxury, particularly in combination with other natural materials, such as wood, natural stone, etc.

Which finishes are most suitable for your washstand in Blue Limestone from Hainaut? ‘Dark blue honed’ radiates pure elegance, but the authentic look of EnoTouch and ‘Blue Flamed’ are also a true asset for your bathroom. Bluestone is a versatile product that you can use to completely suit your own taste – whether you choose a double or single washstand, fully or partly in bluestone. A washstand in natural stone is, for instance, very beautiful in combination with wood.


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