Bluestone for the floor in your entrance hall

Entrance hall floors in Belgian Blue Stone: First steps in luxury

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Opt for safety with a bluestone floor

Entrance halls are automatically associated with a lot of footfall. In areas with a lot of movement, scratches and scuffs can quickly appear. But with a floor in bluestone with the right finish, scratches and scuffs don't stand a chance. On the contrary, the bluestone floor in your entrance hall will develop a beautiful patina over time and only become safer.



Give texture to the floor in your entrance hall

For areas with a lot of footfall, such as the entrance hall of a public building, a non-slip tile is highly recommended. Then the best option is a textured finish. Examples include the mechanical old cut or the chiseled version of bluestone which, with its ridges, always points your visitors in the right direction.

Not sure which finish is most suitable in homes? The finishes with a light texture such as blue flamed tiles, EnoSkin tiles, EnoTouch tiles or the light or dark EnoStyl-tiles are the perfect solution in this regard. Scratches and scuffs blend seamlessly with the natural nuances of these stone surfaces. The first two finishes also offer anti-slip properties, although they remain soft and pleasant to walk on barefoot. Give your entrance hall a contemporary look with the large EnoSkin tiles, while the Hainaut Antic flagstones have a rustic and rural look. The choice is yours!

Tip: Is your front door surrounded by gravel or other small stones that often end up stuck under the door? Then the solution is simple: an anti-gravel strip on the underside of your front door. That way, you avoid scratching your floor.


Strength and character for exteriors or interiors walls are the two words that come to mind when thinking of the Sclyped tiles. The perfect opposite of chiselled tiling, Sclyped bluestone tiles present this natural stone in its rawest form, embellished with thin parallel lines that give them a clean, regular look. The fine, rough lines thus created bring out the sparkle of the material. Combine this surface - with its wide strips of broken raw rock - with well-chosen lighting fixtures: the stone sparkles under the effect of indirect lighting.

Although their anti-slip property makes them ideal products for outdoor flooring, their rough appearance has in the past also attracted creative minds working on unique wall applications.

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