Garden paths in bluestone

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A garden path in bluestone leads you safely to your destination

Straight garden paths or winding walkways: choosing bluestone means choosing perspectives. The deep blue, grey or anthracite colour of our tiles will complement any garden, no matter what style you have in mind.



Bluestone: a natural material

Bluestone finds its origins more than 345 million years ago, in the tropical sea that flooded our region at the time. This natural stone thrives in the open air and is therefore one of the most popular materials for garden paths and stepping stones. By the way, did you know that as time goes by, bluestone becomes even more beautiful thanks to the aged look it develops?


Small or large tiles?

The size of the tiles has a big impact on how they look. Small stones are ideal for a cottage look or a classic impression. Large and long tiles create a contemporary look.

How far apart you lay the tiles, and whether you want a straight or windy garden path is entirely up to you.


A suitable tile or cobblestone for every garden path

As regards the tile finish or type of cobblestone, the possibilities are endless. For example, KlinkStone, Hainaut Antic flagstone, split paving or BrickEno lead you safely to your destination, even when it's raining.

Do you prefer large tiles? Then it's better to go for textured finishes such as EnoSkin, blue flamed, frosted or old cut. These are all tiles with an anti-slip finish, for even greater safety. So you can step off the path with peace of mind, while enjoying the view.

If you prefer large sawn or scoured tiles for staircases, then we recommend chiseled or dimpled stair nosing.


The structured and powerful look of the EnoLuce finish will emphasize the exterior design of terraces, alleys or facades.

The deep anthracite grey colour with its numerous fossil fragments and calcite crystals gives EnoLuce tiles a subtle play of light and elegance. The slightly rough surface structure gives EnoLuce tiles an anti-slip effect.

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