A bluestone facade

Belgian Blue Stone facades: define architectural elegance

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Bluestone for your facade: a choice for life

Blue Limestone is particularly durable and gives every building a distinctive and prestigious character. Blue stone has always been valued for its elegance, solidity and robustness. Public building designers have adopted it for its prestige and resistance, and private individuals are following suit, also seduced by its durable and aesthetic aspects. Blue stone seems to stand the test of time. While its noble appearance is apparent at first glance, this natural and stylish shield protects your home from external aggression. If you decide to opt for a bluestone façade, even future generations will be able to enjoy it to the full.

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Protect and embellish your facade

Bluestone is impermeable and is highly resistant to the elements. A heavy shower, a freezing winter or a heatwave will not damage your bluestone facade, while rising damp is a thing of the past. Did you also know that your Belgian bluestone facade will only improve with age? 

This especially strong material is also timeless thanks to its neutral appearance. Bluestone is therefore not only highly durable, it will also provide untold added value for your home.


Various types of cladding

A bluestone facade allows you to choose the style of your home. You could choose a sleek facade in bluestone or a home with a more artistic appearance. An important factor is the installation technique: traditional, glued, anchored or glued to honeycomb panelling.

You can also play with sizes and textures to your heart's content and let your creativity run free. Large square or oblong tiles will lend your facade a clean look, while ClivEno wall panels or BrickEno quarried stones provide a rough and natural effect. An old cut or special EnoDesign finish will also undoubtedly make an impression.

Bluestone also works well in combination with other cladding types. In fact, it pairs with any kind of material, whether plaster, brick, wood, glass, aluminium, etc. When you combine different types of cladding, you create an original, dynamic whole. Bluestone is of particular interest for architectural projects. The possibilities are endless!


Easy insulation

Would you like to insulate your facade as well as embellish it? No problem, because bluestone is especially easy to combine with numerous different types of insulation.


Charred bluestone tiles will seduce you with their natural strength and unique character. As the perfect balance between chiseled and sclyped tiling, Charred tiles offer a balanced alternation of rough stone strips and chiseled lines on the surface. The light grey chiseling contrasts harmoniously with the dark grey of the raw material, giving a raw elegance to this particularly linear and regular facing. As the hours pass, the indirect and changing light offers a myriad of sparkles that will never cease to amaze you.

Particularly anti-slip, architects and landscapers are adopting it to design private and public exteriors with strength and elegance. This natural stone in its raw state invites itself into your home and brings a unique touch to interior wall decorations.

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