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Even more robust than ClivEno®, BrickEno® is a real piece of rock. The cleaved surface of this Blue Limestone of Hainaut reveals the raw rock face and, under the light, gives off a permanent sparkle that’s just as popular for façades and interior walls.

Sublime as a wall covering thanks to its granite sparkle. Floor covering opt for split pavings.

Play with the different widths to create the idea of stratified stone, or alternate rough and sawn faces of BrickEno® to express your originality and style. Architecturally interesting!

robust, rough-hewn and sparkly
Various shades of dark blue-grey with ’sparkles’
very rugged
blue limestone bricks with different surface finishes
Minimal thickness
5 cm
Maximal thickness
10 cm
    Exterior floorExterior wallInterior wallAnti skid

Interior: mural decor for living spaces, halls, stairways, chimney surrounds…

Exterior: facade cladding, low walls, alleyways, paths and other decorative applications. 

CertificateOn request

Brickeno® bricks are available in the following different lengths and widths:

Height: 5 cm – 8 cm – 10 cm – 12 cm – 15 cm

Length: 20 cm – 25 cm – 30 cm – 40 cm – 50 cm

Other formats are available on request. Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor , and let your imagination run free! 


Rectangular Brickeno® rubble stones can be used for both vertical applications (walls, facades) and for paving. The BrickEno® range opens the door to your imagination: use it to form long straight lines, both horizontal and vertical. To reinforce the impression of width and height. To play with brick’s widths to create the impression of layers of rock. To play with different sizes and patterns to create straight or cubic lines. To alternate rough-hewn and sawn faces BrickEno® bricks, or conversely, combine them with other blue stone products to create, for example, anti-slip strips in your sloped garage access-way.

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