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These Blue Limestone of Hainaut strips have a roughly hewn surface that reveals the stone in its raw form. Under the light, the cleaved surface is full of the sparkle of the stone in its most natural state. The ultimate in designer trendiness, ClivEno® gives character and bring a raw, natural-looking aspect to facades, interior walls, walls and other decorative purposes.

ClivEno® strips are easy to place on the wall with an average thickness of 2.3cm. The combination of different widths allows you to decorate the walls with strength and character, placing the stone horizontally or vertically, according to your taste. Prefect too for an eye-catching fireplace surround.

ClivEno® strips are the perfect complement for subtle plays of light. Shadows, chiaroscuro, natural or indirect light put them on centre stage for a never-ending spectacle of light. And outside, falling rain adds to the sparks in the rock and brings out the multiple tones of blue in the rock. 

rough-hewn, cleaved and sparkly
Various shades of dark blue-grey with ’sparkles’
very rugged
strips in blue limestone
Minimal thickness
2,5 cm
Maximal thickness
2,3 cm
    Exterior wallInterior wall

Interior: mural decor in living spaces, halls, stairways, chimney surrounds…

Exterior: facade cladding, low walls, alleyways, paths and other decorative applications.

CertificateOn request

Average of 2,3 cm thick, the blue limestone strips are available in different heights (if placed horizontally) or widths (if placed vertically) and in lengths of 5 cm, 8 cm, 10 cm, 12 cm and 15 cm and  free lengths (until maximum 60cm).

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor , and let your imagination run free! 

Place the strips either horizontally or vertically to give a new dynamic and to reinforce the impression of height or depth.

Reinforce the rock’s irregularity by combining different heights and widths.

Blue limestone strips are glued with masonry glue. Check the glue’s adhesiveness with the manufacturer, and specify the type of support you wish to adhere to (concrete, plaster, brick).


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