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Exuding character and strength, the EnoDesign® finish by Carrières du Hainaut® is a must for facades and entrance halls, adding a highly authentic look and feel to your design. Its unique surface is made up of numerous minute off-white points on a grey background, as though very finely hammered. With its all-over light grey colour and its grainy texture, EnoDesign® is a slightly darker alternative to the EnoSkin® finish.

With its fine non-slip surface, EnoDesign® is perfect for use on floors in passageways or damp places. When placed vertically, both inside and outside, it exudes all of the soft original ruggedness thad makes it a splendidly unique stone. 

finely dotted
light grey
slightly grainy
inimitably authenticic
Minimal thickness
2 cm
Maximal thickness
30 cm
  • Tablets
  • Exterior floor
  • Exterior wall
  • Interior floor
  • Interior wall
  • Anti skid

Inside : decorative wall cladding in receptionn rooms or entrance halls, shower walls, bath tiling other furniture.

Outside : staircases, façades and decorative elements.