Just like EnoLuce, the bluestone EnoTerra finish has a deep, dark gray colour and matt appearance scattered with sparkles which offers a subtle play of light, elegance and mystery. This finish reminds you of the mineral character of the Earth's crust with its slightly rough surface which emphasizes the particularities of Blue Limestone of Hainaut. 

EnoTerra, even rougher than EnoLuce, will highlight your interior and decorative applications by giving it a raw and mineral character so much sought after. On the outside, it will be favoured in great thickness in the same spirit as the bluestone crust.

Carrières du Hainaut’s exclusivity!


Available in: Slabs

Use Indoor floorIndoor wallOutdoor floorOutdoor wallFurnitureAntislip
Min. thickness: 2 cm
Max. thickness: 8 cm
Slipperiness index: R13 (DIN 51130)