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Blue Limestone of Hainaut feels at home in your kitchen. Due to its versatile character it can be used as floor covering, as worktop, as sink and skirting board, but it can also be harmoniously combined with other materials.


Are you planning to build a new kitchen? Or do you want to rebuild your outdated kitchen according to the latest trends? In recent years, kitchens have occupied an increasingly large area of ​​houses, the separation between the living and cooking area is disappearing. Whether your look style is cottage or modern, streamlined kitchens are on the rise, an open spacious room. Cabinets and appliances fully integrated or invisible thanks to the push system for doors without handles, cooking plates integrated into the worktop, …

Unlike many other materials, blue limestone is modular and polyvalent. Thanks to its technical features, it can be used for all kinds of applications. Do you want a monochrome kitchen with ton sur ton aspects by using the same finish for your worktop, skirting boards and floor? Or accentuate the difference between surfaces by combining different shades of blue stone and creating a harmonious and cozy whole? And make your worktop unique by choosing a cleaved, charred or chiselled edge. It gives that little extra touch to an elegant and finished kitchen and is only possible with natural stone.

Do you also love Corian? You do not have to choose. Create a contrast and combine your Corian kitchen furniture in a light color with a dark blue stone floor. If you prefer natural materials, the combination of wood and blue stone is a sure thing.



Belgian blue limestone is your ally for a kitchen floor.  We recommend choosing smooth or slightly structured finishes for an easy maintenance and to prevent dirt from nesting in deep asperities.

In a country style kitchen, the aged EnoStyl tiles fit very well. They have a patinated appearance and uneven edges which harks back to the abbay and castle style. Another advantage? The possible traces of passage or scratches fade into the natural nuances of these patched tiles. You can choose between clear EnoStyl tiles, dark EnoStyl tiles or dark brushed EnoStyl tiles depending on the rustic aspect you want to give your kitchen.

Choose for large EnoPasso tiles, also patinated but with straight lines, for a modern and design kitchen. Or for the classic tiles, light blue honed or dark blue honed, for an elegant, sophisticated and natural cuisine.

Regardless of the finish you choose, play with sizes - or even finishes - to create a unique floor for an inimitable kitchen.

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In the kitchen, ease of use and maintenance are important points to consider when choosing a worktop. Only blue stone of Carrières du Hainaut - also known as 'petit granit' offers unrivaled robustness and compactness. You can put your hot pans on the stone without worrying about it. Blue stone is heat resistant and stains do not penetrate into the material. They will naturally disappear over time and add extra character to your worktop. Do you have any doubts about the maintenance? Discover all our tips for maintaining your kitchen countertop and protecting it if desired.


For a worksheet the finishes EnoTouch or Blue flamed are very suitable. These have a light texture in which spots or lime traces blend beautiful into the natural color shades. For an authentic choice, you best choose the finish dark blue honed.  And complete it completely with a cleaved, charred or chiselled edge.


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Blue stone is the best asset to protect your walls from splatter. Do you like straight lines? Extend your kitchen counter with a ton sur ton skirting board in, for example, light blue honed or EnoTouch. This fully fits the trend of monochrome kitchens. Or play with contrasts. More or less pronounced by choosing either a finish that is in line with your sink and worktop in blue stone or a fully contrasting finish for outstanding results.



A sink in blue stone seduces at first sight thanks to the the elegant accent that it bringt into the kitchen. This limestone with a maritime origin is not afraid of water and traces of lime mingle with the natural crinoids of the stone. Just like your countertop, you can choose between a smooth finish like dark blue honed or light blue honed or light textured finish such as EnoTouch or Blue flamed.


Do you have a worktop in wood or any other material, but would you like a solid sink in natural stone? Blue Limestone of Hainaut can be customized. You can count on the craftsmanship of our stone cutters to develop the sink that you are looking for, whether it has straight and minimalist lines or rather graceful and rounded edges.

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Belgian blue stone is the ally of a kitchen full of life and movement. Only blue limestone of Carrières du Hainaut - also known as 'petit granit' - is so robust, compact and non-porous. Stains do not penetrate into this very compact stone and disappear with time. Do not worry! You can put your hot pans on the stone without worrying and cook in perfect hygienic conditions. Blue limestone forgives the daily accidents and wins character and patina with time.

For daily cleaning of blue stone in the kitchen, water is sufficient. If you spill something that leaves a spot, clean it immediately with water and a bit of dishwashing soap. As a cleaning product for your floors, use a soap with a neutral pH, such as Marseille soap or Carolin, and in a small amount. Avoid at all costs any acidic or anti-scale products.

For a thorough cleaning with degreasing products you can use baking soda or ammonia, diluted with water. Do you want to protect your natural stone? Although it is not necessary, there are several possibilities.

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