A bluestone pool

Balance your outdoor space with a natural stone water feature

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A completely Zen atmosphere with a bluestone pool in your garden

What if you could just step into your garden and feel instantly at peace? That dream becomes a reality with the right garden design. A bluestone pool will always add a touch of 'Zen'.

On photo: Scoured



A pool in your own style

To create a relaxed feel in your garden, it is important to include some carefully considered places for quiet reflection. For example, water by itself readily invites contemplation, peace, and reflection.

With bluestone, you can use your pool to express your personality, since this natural stone allows you freedom to design as you wish. From miniature fountains through picturesque ponds to larger pools: you have complete freedom to choose your combination of water and bluestone.

Did you also know that Blue Limestone of Hainaut originated millions of years ago when our region was covered by a tropical sea? No wonder, then, that this natural stone pairs perfectly with water.


A bespoke finish to your project

Bluestone is available in a range of different finishes. You can be sure of a stylish result regardless of whether you choose a design with straight or curved lines, with smooth finishes such as our scoured tiles, or with textured finishes such as the chiselled or charred bluestone. If you would prefer a more original look, you could opt for a crust panel or BrickEno finish. 


Combine with lighting

Why not also integrate lighting into your water feature? You will create a magical interplay of light that is reflected in the water and on the natural stone. Visitors to your garden will be captivated.


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Sclyped finishSclyped
  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoDesign Tile finishEnoDesign
  • Bluestone Frosted finishFrosted
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