Interior walls in bluestone

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Protect your interior walls with bluestone

High skirting boards in bluestone with a textured finish not only add character to your hallways, they also protect your interior walls. For a stylish touch, you can also furnish parts of the walls or even entire walls in bluestone.

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Give texture to your walls

Bluestone is a versatile material that is available in a wide range of hues and textures. By opting to add relief to your walls, you create a subtle ensemble with a constant interplay between light and shadow. But not only does this natural stone have an aesthetic added value, it also protects your walls.


Choosing bluestone for your interior walls

Textured finishes such as chiseled, charred or sclyped bluestone are ideal for the walls in your entrance hall or hallways. With these finishes, there is no need to worry about impacts, scratches, scuffs or marks from bikes, prams, umbrellas or briefcases that are sometimes carelessly placed against the wall.

The high polished finish is best avoided as a floor tile, but you will find it in large hotels and prestigious venues as a stylish wall covering in entrance halls and lifts. Perhaps an idea for your interior too?

The exclusive EnoDesign is a favourite of numerous designers, thanks to its unique look. You can also give your interior walls sleek cachet.


Choose thinner tiles

For floors, it is advisable to use somewhat thicker tiles, but this is not as crucial for covering your interior walls. You can even opt for ultra-thin tiles of just 15 millimetres. Which are very handy, as these tiles take up less space and are very easy to fit. Square or straight format? That's entirely up to you.


The structured and powerful look of the EnoLuce finish will emphasize the exterior design of terraces, alleys or facades.

The deep anthracite grey colour with its numerous fossil fragments and calcite crystals gives EnoLuce tiles a subtle play of light and elegance. The slightly rough surface structure gives EnoLuce tiles an anti-slip effect.

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