Garden furniture in bluestone

Garden furniture in Belgian Blue Stone: Outdoor comfort and elegance

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Bluestone gives your garden furniture additional cachet

Give relief to your desires in blue stone: invite it to the table, to the barbecue... Blue Limestone from Hainaut will look great on your garden furniture and decorative objects that will spend the winter outside without flinching. Non-porous, this natural stone does not crack under the effect of frost, it is not afraid of bad weather or the small accidents of daily life outside. Only genuine bluestone can offer you such robustness.



Unique furniture in bluestone

With garden furniture in bluestone, you really make a difference. Bluestone is so versatile that it can be used for pretty much everything. This authentic natural stone can also be perfectly combined with other materials, thereby enhancing the subtle and delicate character of your outdoor furniture.


A pleasant, smooth finish

A finish such as EnoSkin is an ideal choice for garden furniture, but scouredEnoDesign or light blue honed are also perfect in a garden setting. Not only do these finishes look very elegant, they also offer the necessary comfort.


Ideas for outdoor furniture in bluestone

A table made entirely of bluestone or a tabletop on a wooden or steel frame radiates quality and character. But a bluestone garden lounger can also be a real eye-catcher, as can side tables or stools in bluestone. Or how about a barbecue set made in this natural stone? Finally, don't forget that bluestone goes especially well with outdoor lighting and for both small and large staircases.


Choose your finish

  • Bluestone Sclyped finishSclyped
  • Bluestone Blue Flamed finishBlue Flamed
  • Bluestone EnoLuce finishEnoLuce
  • Bluestone EnoDesign Tile finishEnoDesign
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