Bluestone in public spaces

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Add a unique touch to roads, paths, urban furniture, fountains and other decorative elements. Bluestone, locally sourced respecting natural resources, enables you to create pleasant surroundings that everyone can enjoy.

Town squares

Town squares are places that provide respite from the urban rush, but they are also often bustling areas. With bluestone, you are not only opting for an aesthetically pleasing feature, but, thanks to its non-slip finishes, you are also ensuring safety.

Parks and public gardens

Embellish public green spaces with paths, steps, lighting, and street furniture in bluestone. There are countless possibilities!


Bluestone is highly durable and hard-wearing. You can guarantee a non-skid surface by choosing a textured finish.


Water invites contemplation. You can use fountains or smaller pools in bluestone to create a 'Zen' atmosphere in a public space.

Street furniture

Street furniture, such as tables and benches for public use, made from bluestone, is not only highly durable, but also conveys strength and personality.

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