Exuding character and strength, the EnoDesign finish by Carrières du Hainaut is a must for facades and entrance halls, adding a highly authentic look and feel to your design. Its unique surface is made up of numerous minute off-white points on a grey background, as though very finely hammered. With its all-over light grey color and its grainy texture, EnoDesign is a slightly darker alternative to the EnoSkin finish.

With its fine non-slip surface, EnoDesign is perfect for use on floors in passageways or damp places. When placed vertically, both inside and outside, it exudes all of the soft original ruggedness that makes it a splendidly unique stone.


Available as: Tiles and slabs

Use Indoor floorIndoor wallOutdoor floorOutdoor wallFurnitureAntislip
Min. thickness: 2 cm
Max. thickness: 30 cm
Slipperiness index: R12 (DIN 51130)