Bluestone applications for outdoors and indoors

Bluestone applications for indoors and outdoors

Bluestone applications for indoors and outdoors

The sublime appearance of Belgian bluestone is unparalleled – not only for interior purposes but outdoors as well. Timeless and elegant, bluestone is well worth the investment, as even your children’s children will still be able to enjoy the material in all its glory. Read on to discover the different ways of incorporating bluestone in and around your home!


Bluestone patio tiles

Stepping onto your bluestone patio barefoot in the morning ... Now that’s what we call living the life! No worries, by the way, if you accidentally spill some of your breakfast or brunch on the tiles. Bluestone, after all, is easy to clean. For outdoor applications, annual maintenance suffices to keep the stone in excellent condition. The rain and wind will take care of the rest!

Tip: bluestone is also perfectly suitable as façade cladding and for swimming pools.

Bluestone in the kitchen

Don’t hesitate to go all out and opt for bluestone in the kitchen as well. If your kitchen is adjacent to the patio, you can use the same tiles inside and outside. It will instantly make your home appear bigger, and in the winter give you the feeling you’re still enjoying your patio to the fullest. To create even more harmony, you can opt to have your kitchen counter and sink made to measure using Blue Stone from Hainaut.

A bluestone bathroom

If you’ve always dreamt of a bluestone bathroom, you’re certainly not alone. Many people have both their bathroom floors and walls tiled with Blue Stone from Hainaut. You can even have your shower tub, bath and sink cut out of bluestone.

A bluestone staircase or fireplace? Why not!

If you’re a creative person who likes taking their interior design to the max, you’ll love what a bluestone staircase or fireplace (or both) can do for your home. Extremely durable and heat-resistant, bluestone presents you with endless opportunities.

Playing with patterns

Because bluestone is a natural material that comes in various shades, each tile is unique. Moreover, bluestone comes in so many different finishes and sizes that you can easily design your own patterns. Looking for inspiration? Be sure to check Carrières du Hainaut’s latest tile collection!

Curious to see what bluestone would look like in your interior? Discover our simulator and let your imagination run free!