Blue limestone of Hainaut, the most inspiring architectural projets



Get inspired for your construction projects. Blue Limestone of Hainaut has always been treasured to add prestige and resistance to buildings. Check out its endless assets and be seduced by its elegance, robustness and solidity for your facade, door and window frames, wall bases…


Both creative and protective, durable and timeless, blue stone will dress your building with a coat of elegance and refinement.

Wall bases

The unshakeable solidity of Blue Limestone of Hainaut acts as a natural shield against marks, blows and scratches.

Creative applications

Blue Limestone of Hainaut gives free rein to your imagination to create a very unique and original life decor.

Thresholds, sills and frames

Thresholds, sills and door and window frames in Blue Limestone of Hainaut will guarantee distinction and timeless class for your home.
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