Stairs in natural stone

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Stairs in natural stone: the backbone of your house

If there is one thing that defines Belgian blue limestone, also known as bluestone, it is wear resistance. That is why natural stone is the material par excellence for your staircase. Natural stone stairs have a timeless appeal and always fit in your interior, no matter how often you decide to redecorate your house. Are you looking for a suitable material for your interior stairs? Then blue limestone is also the right choice. This age-old local natural stone withstands all Mother Nature’s whims.



Carefree enjoyment with natural stone stairs 

Stairs play a key role in your house. In the morning, your kids enthusiastically run down the stairs on their way to their breakfast, you carry many a laundry basket up and down them, and when anything needs to be moved your steps are in for a rough time. That's why it’s crucial to select a durable natural stone for your stairs. Bluestone is wear resistant (a weathered look will make your stairs even more beautiful) and can take whatever your family can dish out. This is why bluestone stairs are more than worth the investment: they will serve you for a lifetime.

Although different smooth finishes exist in blue limestone, the Carrières du Hainault range also includes anti-slip options. On top of which, you can also substantially increase the safety of your stairs by selecting a for example a chiseled stair nosing on every step. So, when your children run up the stairs a little too wildly, you have nothing to worry about.


Quite versatile, these natural stone stairs!

When you imagine natural stone stairs, do you see a massive dark-grey one? Chances are you do. And yet, you'll be amazed how many options bluestone stairs have to offer. Have you ever considered free-floating stairs in Belgian natural stone? Or sawn steps that give your stairs a light appearance? Maybe an elegant dark blue honed finish could please you? The choice is yours.


Pure luxury: exterior stairs in bluestone

Yes indeed, natural stone stairs are also an option for your outdoor area. Blue limestone originates from nature, - the tiny white specks (fossils of marine creatures) are proof of that - and so fits perfectly in nature. That way, you can be sure that heavy rain showers, frost or moss will not damage your bluestone.


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