Bluestone patio tiles

Terraces in Belgian Blue Stone: outdoor living with elegance

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A bluestone patio matches your style perfectly

Are you planning a makeover for your patio or looking to construct a whole new patio from scratch?  No matter your situation, bluestone is an excellent choice for your patio tiles. A bluestone patio, after all, offers countless advantages. For one, the material’s natural hardness makes it resistant to all weather conditions, from rain to frost. Furthermore, it is easy to maintain. In case of spills, the rain will rinse everything right off your patio. As bluestone is non-porous, stains are unable to penetrate the surface. Read: your tiles can only become superficially dirty.



Integrating bluestone into your patio or terrace

Bluestone from Hainaut’s natural appearance makes any patio blend nicely with the rest of the garden. In addition, the many different finishes, textures and sizes available allow for endless combinations no matter your style of preference. For example, you can opt for smaller tiles to create a classic look, or combine larger tiles for a more modern patio. EnoStyl Clear tiles, Hainaut Antic cobbles and Pavés KlinkStone cobbles are ideal for rustic cottage style patios. Contemporary patios, in turn, beg for Sawn, Blue Flamed or EnoSkin tiles. If you’re after a more special effect, you can consider mixing different sizes and finishes to really give your patio a personal touch. Is your patio adjacent to a staircase? Then be sure to opt for tiles with a non-slip finish, such as Frosted, Old Cut or Picked-dressed. They may feel a little less soft on the feet, but are extremely safe.

By the way, did you know that bluestone patio tiles not only combine beautifully with other natural materials such as wood, but also with glass and corten steel? The result looks very chic and contemporary, to say the least, and gives your patio a personal touch.


Connecting the indoors with the outdoors

Thanks to Carrières du Hainaut, you can opt to have your bluestone patio blend in seamlessly with your home’s interior. If you’re fond of that typical dark, mineral look with a subtle shimmer, the new EnoLuce tiles are right up your alley. Suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications, they are the perfect solution to optically enlarge your living space by creating a harmonious whole with your patio. If you prefer a lighter floor, be sure to explore our wide range of light-blue natural limestone tiles.


Charred bluestone tiles will seduce you with their natural strength and unique character. As the perfect balance between chiseled and sclyped tiling, Charred tiles offer a balanced alternation of rough stone strips and chiseled lines on the surface. The light grey chiseling contrasts harmoniously with the dark grey of the raw material, giving a raw elegance to this particularly linear and regular facing. As the hours pass, the indirect and changing light offers a myriad of sparkles that will never cease to amaze you.

Particularly anti-slip, architects and landscapers are adopting it to design private and public exteriors with strength and elegance. This natural stone in its raw state invites itself into your home and brings a unique touch to interior wall decorations.

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