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With its worn and trammelled appearance, KlinkStone® harks back to the style of old castles and farms. To reinforce their used appearance, these slabs feature worn edges and slightly broken corners.

Used for exterior application, these flagstones are perfect for a cottage style, lending a feeling of warmth to your borders, courtyards, driveways patios and paths.

Reinforce the layout for a 100% rustic exterior look. Or use KlinkStone® to add a noble and ancient touch to a contemporary architecture style – an original and out-of-the-ordinary mix. 

warm and old-fashioned, a reminder of old castles and abbeys
light grey
slightly irregular
shows the blue stone authenticity and worn edges
Minimal thickness
5 cm
Maximal thickness
5 cm
    Exterior floorAnti skid

Exterior: patios, courtyards, passageways, paths, driveways…

CertificateOn request

KlinkStone® pavings are available in 5 cm thickness, in the following standard formats:

20x6,65 – 20x10 – 30x7,5 – 30x10 cm

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor , and let your imagination run free! 


The slightly irregular surface gives KlinkStone® an anti-slip quality, which is reinforced by the jointing. A pleasure to walk on barefoot, KlinkStone® can be laid with or without jointing – if jointing is used, make sure it’s polymer expansion jointing.

For car driveways, 5 cm thickness is sufficient, but where heavier traffic is expected, 8 cm thickness should be used.

Use your creativity and design your own personal patterns, alternating between styles and formats, straight lines, curves and geometric shapes. Combine your KlinkStone® paving with other Carrières du Hainaut® products such as Hainaut Antic® or BrickEno® rubble stone to create anti-skid strips or integrated gutters.