Wall coverings in bluestone

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A subtle play of light on your walls thanks to bluestone

Bluestone doesn't have to be confined to exterior walls - this material also gives your indoor walls an original twist. The possibilities for bluestone as a wall covering are endless. Below we provide some inspiration.

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Original structures in your bluestone wall covering

Bluestone is a highly versatile material: it comes in a wide range of hues and structures. And this last aspect may be interesting for your bluestone wall covering. That's because the relief effect on your wall plays subtly with the light. As such, shadows, chiaroscuro and light create a continually changing spectacle. Especially on cleaved stone, such as BrickEno or ClivEno. But also with structured finishes, such as fine dimpled, chiseled or charred you can create a wonderful living environment. Use these stones, for example, as accent walls in your living room or as eye-catchers in the entrance hall, and combine them to your heart's content with other natural materials, such as wood.


Bluestone on your bathroom walls

Bluestone and water are like birds of a feather. That's why many designers choose to completely cover bathroom walls with bluestone tiles. Want to go a step further? Then finish your floor and shower in this beautiful material. This uniformity exudes serenity and creates a wellness effect in your bathroom. In bathrooms, EnoDesign is an excellent choice as wall covering.


Tip: use thin bluestone tiles on your wall

For your floor, it is sometimes better to use sufficiently thick bluestone tiles, but this is less crucial for wall coverings. That's why our extra-thin tiles of only 15 millimetres are the perfect choice here. They are available in square and rectangular formats, take up less living space and are lighter and therefore easier to fit to your wall.


The structured and powerful look of the EnoLuce finish will emphasize the exterior design of terraces, alleys or facades.

The deep anthracite grey colour with its numerous fossil fragments and calcite crystals gives EnoLuce tiles a subtle play of light and elegance. The slightly rough surface structure gives EnoLuce tiles an anti-slip effect.

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