Borders in bluestone

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Give your garden structure with bluestone borders

Your garden reflects your personality. Some people love a jungle where they are free to throw out the rule book, other people on the other hand want a perfectly organised garden with clean lines to create order in the chaos of everyday life. Whatever the case may be, borders provide a neat finish. And did you know that bluestone is the perfect material for borders? Find out why here.

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Your bluestone borders will always stand the test of time 

When you've just had new borders in bluestone installed, you might think that this will be the first time they are exposed to heavy rainfall, strong gusts of wind and frost. But nothing could be further from the truth: your bluestone borders have already survived far worse. In fact, this natural stone has already spent millions of years on this planet and will continue to bring delight many generations after you. In other words, you can take pride in the fact that these borders will keep their charm and appeal for ever. 

Also, bluestone in the garden requires hardly any maintenance. A green deposit may form on the borders during winter, so spring is the ideal season for a thorough servicing. In contrast to wood, all bluestone requires is a simple clean-up with water and possibly a dash of bleach. 


Create pleasant spots with blue limestone borders

Your garden or terrace serves a number of different purposes. Relaxing with friends, harvesting fresh vegetables in your kitchen garden, designing and planting flower beds; there's always something to experience. To subtly demarcate all these different areas, you can count on bluestone borders. This beautiful local stone is the ideal link between two zones, and with its mineral appeal provides a harmonious balance.


Opt for the unparalleled longevity and sturdiness of Hainaut’s bluestone borders to delimit your roadway spaces and sidewalks. Thanks to its density and non-porosity, bluestone kerbs are resistant to wear and tear, to compression and to frost. Combined with bluestone tiles or pavings, you can add the perfect finishing touch to your public or professional outdoor installations.

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