Bluestone bathroom walls

Create a pleasant, warm atmosphere surrounded by natural stone

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Bluestone bathroom walls make for a marvelous addition to your home. Despite its luxurious look, bluestone requires hardly any maintenance. It lasts for generations and when it comes to style, this natural material effortlessly stands the test of time as well. Read on to learn all about the many possibilities and advantages of bluestone bathroom walls.


Bluestone in the bathroom

Bluestone is a natural material that was formed millions of years ago in a tropical sea that used to submerge our region. Needless to say, bluestone and water are like two peas in a pod. Even if water drips on it continually, the stone won’t be affected. In addition, bluestone is quick to take on the temperature of its surroundings, which immediately explains why it is such a popular choice for bathrooms, hammams and other wellness establishments. With bluestone, there’s never a cold wall in the room.

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What style of bluestone bathroom wall do you prefer?

Bluestone bathroom walls come in all sorts of finishes that create a cozy, soft atmosphere. The grey-blue hue of the tiles perfectly matches the water in their presence and looks anything but chilly. Some of Carrières du Hainaut’s most popular style options include:

  • Blue flamed: a trendy finish characterized by white irregularities (fossilized crinoids) distributed onevenly over the surface. Moreover, blue flamed tiles are slip-proof and therefore ideally suited for bathroom floors. And perhaps the biggest benefit of all: traces of lime become virtually invisible thanks to the natural shades of this finish.
  • Chiseled: a light grey finish that is sober yet sophisticated. Chiseled tiles are perfect if you’re fond of atypical bathroom designs with an architectural look.
  • Sawn: by working with sawn tiles of different heights and lengths, you can create endless unique and dynamic designs.

As you may have noticed, these three finishes suit a wide range of interior styles, from modern to traditional. But they’re certainly not the only types of bluestone tiles suitable for your bathroom walls. In any case, you can rest assured that bluestone is always a great combination with other natural materials such as wood or cork. So, yes, feel free to let your imagination run wild!


From bathroom walls to bluestone washstands

Of course, bluestone is not just suitable for bathroom walls. For example, have you ever thought of a bluestone washstand or a bluestone shower tray? Or imagine what bluestone tiles can do for your bathroom floor. By combining different elements in bluestone, you create a coherent interior that radiates tranquility.


Les dalles de pierre bleue Gradiné vous séduiront par leur caractère unique. Alternative intermédiaire entre les dallages ciselés et sclypés, les dalles gradinées offrent en surface une alternance équilibrée de bandes de pierre brute éclatée et de traits ciselés. Les ciselures gris clair contrastent harmonieusement avec le gris foncé de la matière brute, apportant une élégance brute à ce parement particulièrement linéaire et régulier. Combinée à une lumière directionnelle à angle aigu, les surfaces en Gradiné seront soulignées et ajouteront une troisième dimension aux façades.

Particulièrement antidérapantes, les architectes et paysagistes l’adoptent pour aménager avec force et élégance les extérieurs privés et publics. Cette pierre naturelle à l’état brut s’invite chez vous et apportent une touche unique aux surfaces murales intérieures.

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