Exterior walls in bluestone

Belgian Blue Stone exterior walls: define your space with style

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Stylish exterior walls thanks to bluestone

Small or large, bluestone walls form natural-looking and stylish partitions. Choose elegance with large tiles, the purity of quarry stones or natural originality with crust panels. There are countless possibilities.

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Protect your walls with bluestone

Are you an incorrigible perfectionist? Then you can count on a perfect and, what's more, durable result! You will not find better protection against moisture infiltration than wall capping in bluestone. Bluestone offers natural and attractive protection for all types of wall, regardless of the size and whether it is constructed in natural stone, brick, plaster or concrete.


An exterior wall in the style you want

Whatever look you go for, it's entirely up to you. For example, opt for the elegance of large tiles with the finishes charred, sclyped or frosted. Or go for purity with the irregular ClivEno wall panels, BrickEno quarry stones or crust panels. The choice is yours!


Enhancing and insulating

Do you also want to insulate your exterior walls? No problem, because bluestone can be perfectly combined with various types of exterior insulation. That way, your shed, pool house or any other outhouse gets the protection it deserves.


Charred bluestone tiles will seduce you with their natural strength and unique character. As the perfect balance between chiseled and sclyped tiling, Charred tiles offer a balanced alternation of rough stone strips and chiseled lines on the surface. The light grey chiseling contrasts harmoniously with the dark grey of the raw material, giving a raw elegance to this particularly linear and regular facing. As the hours pass, the indirect and changing light offers a myriad of sparkles that will never cease to amaze you.

Particularly anti-slip, architects and landscapers are adopting it to design private and public exteriors with strength and elegance. This natural stone in its raw state invites itself into your home and brings a unique touch to interior wall decorations.

Choose your tile

  • Charred TileCharred Tile
  • Sclyped TileSclyped Tile
  • Chiseled TileChiseled Tile
  • Bush-Hammered TileBush-Hammered Tile
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