Bluestone: the perfect material for your staircase

Why bluestone is the perfect material for your staircase

Why bluestone is the perfect material for your staircase

Although a wooden finish is the first thing that comes to mind for a staircase, it is worth considering going for bluestone. A bluestone staircase is very hard-wearing, extremely easy to maintain and it fits with any interior. In other words, bluestone is the ideal material for your staircase.

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A stone that lives

Thanks to its hard-wearing properties, natural toughness and high density, blue stone is extremely robust and therefore resistant to everything day-to-day life throws at it. What's more, because your staircase gets continually used, the bluestone becomes even more attractive. It is a durable stone that lives and therefore takes on more character and patina over time.

Right at home in any interior

Thanks to its natural versatility, bluestone feels right at home in any interior. Whether you have a modern, traditional or country home interior, bluestone is ideal. Bluestone is timeless and goes well with every type of material: from wood and glass to concrete. For example, a staircase with floating steps in bluestone looks wonderful when combined with a wooden, metal or glass support structure.

Although you might expect a stone staircase in a cool, modern interior, that does not necessarily have to be the case. Depending on the finish you choose, your staircase can be perfectly integrated into your interior. An extensive range of shades, textures and formats is available in this respect. For example, the light- or dark blue honed tiles are more elegant, while sawn bluestone tiles give a more modern look. Moreover, bluestone is also highly versatile in terms of its technical properties, which creates a range of possibilities.

A bluestone staircase is easy to maintain

Maintaining bluestone is very straightforward, it just needs to be cleaned with water or a small amount of pH-neutral detergent, such as Savon de Marseille (flakes) or Carolin. What's more, it's no big deal if you spill something on your staircase or have some other minor accident. The stone's non-porous properties ensure that stains remain superficial, after which they will disappear by themselves as time passes.


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