Why bluestone is the perfect material for your new build

Why bluestone is the perfect material for your new build

Are you about to build your dream home? Then chances are you have your heart set on a particular look and feel. One thing’s for sure, though: your choice of style will strongly determine what materials to use. Anyway, bluestone is always a good idea for a new build. Here’s why!


Bluestone for new builds: old meets new

Did you know that bluestone has been around for ages and originates from tropical seas? Instead of being manufactured, it is a genuine natural product that is mined in Hainaut. For proof, check the small, white formations that naturally appear in the stone (they’re called crinoids). But while bluestone is several millions of years old, it is all but old-fashioned. What's more, natural stone has a very contemporary look. Whether you’re fond of Scandinavian style interiors, the cottage look or vintage vibes, you can’t go wrong with bluestone.

An investment for generations to come

Bluestone is a particularly sturdy material that is resistant to chocks and stains – an inevitable side-effect of everyday life – and can be used both indoors and outdoors. A non-porous material, it will last for generations to come and create great added value for any home. Moreover, natural stone is not subject to fashion whims thanks to its neutral appearance. It’s a very durable material indeed.

How about a bluestone façade?

Bluestone has many applications. You can even clad your home’s entire façade in bluestone. The material is ideal for window and door frames, sills and skirting boards as well. Would you like to take it up a notch? Then you can always opt for sun blinds or lighting fixtures made of bluestone. Not only does bluestone work wonders outside your home, it also offers many possibilities for your interior as it is perfectly suitable for kitchens, living rooms, hallways and even bathrooms.

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