These natural materials are completely family-proof

These natural materials are completely family-proof

Home is where the heart is, right? This rings true especially when you have children. You want to create a secure and cozy environment for them to grow up in, so safe and soft materials are key to your home interior. Yet kids will be kids, so you do want to keep easy maintenance in mind, too! Let’s take a look at some materials that will help you family-proof your home in no time.


Bluestone: safe, warm and easy to maintain 

Floors makes all the difference when it comes to your family’s comfort at home. But rest assured: you can’t go wrong with bluestone tiles. After all, bluestone is:  

  • non-porous, so dirt and fluids cannot penetrate the surface. This significantly reduces the risk of stains from spillages. Moreover, bluestone is available in numerous finishes that camouflage small blemishes, such as EnoStyl and EnoTouch. The occasional persistent stain will always disappear over time.  

  • maintenance-friendly: mop your floor with (just a little) soapy water and … that’s it!  

  • safe, especially if you opt for one of Carrières du Hainaut’s non-slip finishes, like blue flamedEnoSkin or old cut tiles

  • nice on the feet, because bluestone retains warmth and can be combined with underfloor heating. 

And if that’s not enough, consider the wide range of floor patterns available, allowing you to decorate your home the way you’ve always wanted. 

Did you know bluestone is not only the perfect material for your floor, but also for your walls, shower or kitchen worktop? Creating a harmonious look has never been easier! 

Chalk up that chalkboard wall! 

A chalkboard wall in the kitchen or hallway allows your kids to let their creativity run free, while you get to claim a corner for your shopping lists or weekly to dos, too. This project requires little effort, but it’s perfect for keeping those families ties strong.

Natural materials you want to hug 

Finally, combine bluestone with other natural materials such as wooden doors or furniture, and don’t forget to decorate your interior with some soft materials to create a warm atmosphere. Think blankets, cushions, carpets, … Now that’s cosy!

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