The blue limestone of Carrières du Hainaut is extracted and transformed in Belgium on its unique site. Blue Limestone of Hainaut is homologated by the Belgian Union for technical approval (UBAtc) – ATG H724 – Petit granit – Pierre Bleue du Hainaut. See details of the Technical Approval in the tabel below.


The declaration of performance (CE) related to finished products commercialized by Carrières du Hainaut are also available on simple request.

Certificates of Origins

Here at Carrières du Hainaut we guarantee the provenance and absolute quality of each of our stones. With every purchase of either finished or half-finished products we provide a nominative and numbered certificate of origin of the stone with a unique code and stamp.

ATG - Technical Approval

  Reference Unit Average Standard deviation n (1) E- or E+
Density NBN EN 1936: 2007 kg/m3 2691 6 49 2680
Porosity NBN EN 1936: 2007 % vol 0.25 0.10 49 -
Water absorption under atmospheric pressure NBN EN 13755: 2008 % m 0.10 0.0 7 -
Compressive strength NBN EN 1926: 2007 MPa 158 21 133 123
Flexural strength under central load NBN EN 12372: 2007 MPa 16.7 1.7 152 13.8
Wear resistance (method A: Capon) NBN EN 14157: 2004 mm 20.5 0.8 15 22.9
Dynamic modules of elsticity NBN EN 14146: 2004 GPa 78.2 2.8 26 73.1
Speed of sound // NBN EN 14579: 2004 km/s 5.84 0.22 21 5.43
Speed of sound ┴ NBN EN 14579: 2004 km/s 5.61 0.47 21 4.76
Frost resistance indications NBN EN 12371: 2010 cycles Nc = 168 - 34 -
Thermal expansion coefficient NBN EN 14581: 2005 a [1/°C] 4.6 E-06 10.0 E-07 * *
Water absorption by capillarity NBN EN 1925: 1999 Not applicable due to the low porosity of the stone




Local, natural and with an unlimited lifespan, blue limestone is a logical and environmentally friendly choice for your sustainable development projects. Bluestone is a natural stone, meaning it is not ‘produced’. It is cut and processed in an entirely mechanical manner without any chemical or toxic additives. Carrières du Hainaut is committed to offering a high-quality natural stone as part of a sustainable and responsible approach to promoting local resources.

Bluestone and cradle to cradle certification

The sustainable Cradle to Cradle certification, which assesses the circularity of materials and products, is based on 5 categories of standards such as material reuse, renewable energy, responsible water management and social responsibility. Blue limestone from Carrières du Hainaut - a natural, local, sustainable, reusable product extracted and manufactured using responsible techniques in a purely mechanical process involving, among other things, a closed internal water management circuit and thousands of photovoltaic panels for electricity generation - meets the numerous criteria for certification. Bluestone is also frequently used in large-scale sustainable development projects that require C2C certification. One example is the Venlo Administrative Centre. Contact our expert for more information

Support for BREEAM certification

In addition to sustainability in building design, BREEAM certification assesses the environmental impact of the products used in the construction of your project. Based on 10 categories of assessment criteria, this quality label awards a number of points, weighted by category. The final score will determine the level of sustainability of your construction. Our in-house architects will support you in your accreditation process. This support consists of joint consideration of the products and implementations to be used, as well as the delivery of certificates and documents required for the BREEAM assessment. Contact our expert for more information

Together to get your LEED points

The LEED certification system established by the US Green Building Council has become the worlwide recognised benchmark for assessing a building's environmental performance. Based on a point system, this comprehensive methodology analyses numerous criteria that generally exceed national standards. Here, too, our architectural consultants are at your side to advise you on the best choice of stone products and the optimal technical combinations with other materials to achieve the best possible score. In addition to this technical support, a number of certification and description documents are available to you to complete your process. Contact our expert for more information