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Technical paving for persons with reduced mobility

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If you’re as attentive to accessibility and mobility as to beauty, and you want to finish your house off in blue limestone with technical paving from the same range. Yes, you can!

Our tactile paving (paving with studs) and guidance paving (paving with channelled lines) present a relief of 5mm deep. They act as guides for the hard of sight and the blind, and act as an easily followed guide to safety.

Totally anti-slip, they can also be used on sloping garage or goods entrances – the perfect surface for safe driving. 

tactile finish
light grey
alternately smooth and ribbed
studded or channelled paving
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness
    Exterior floorAnti skid

Exterior: on public pathways as a guide path, or in alleyways and other paths such as anti-slip paths in garage entranceways…

CertificateOn request

All tactile paving is available in tiles measuring 30x30 cm, 42x42 cm, 50x50cm and 60x60cm.  

Channelled paving comes in standard formats of 30x30 cm, 40x40 cm, 50x50cm and 60x60cm.  

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor , and let your imagination run free! 

When laying the paving, take care to line up the relief elements correctly, to ensure continuous guidance for those hard of sight.

If the tiling is used purely for aesthetic and not technical reasons, try to create an alternating pattern between the channels for an original effect.


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