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A traditional paving stone with a sawn upper face. Simple and elegant, this flagstone which dressed walkways and courtyards of farmhouses of yesteryear, has lost nothing of its timeless charm. Like a return to the source, it’s back in fashion today, and as authentic as ever. Use with cement joints or with grassed joints for a harmonious beauty.

Be inspired by the best creative minds who use this paving stone in the most original ways. As a wall covering, it shows it completely traditional surface, with the rough-hewn sides adding a highly decorative element. Or, on steps, where the rough edge gives it and extra twist. 

pure and contemporary
nuanced light grey with blue lines
very smooth
place without joints, or with grassed joints
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness
    Exterior floorInterior floor

Exterior: patio paving, alleyways, paths, courtyards, public squares…

CertificateOn request

Farmhouse paving is available in 5 cm thickness, in the following standard formats:

Square format: 15x15 – 20x20 – 30x30 – 40x40 cm

Rectangular format: 20x40 cm

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor, and let your imagination run free! 

Create a path, step by step, and wander around your green outdoor spaces, stone by stone. Judiciously placed slabs are a natural invitation to place one’s feet one after another, while interweaved grass makes them part of the surrounding nature. Perfectly in their element, the stone slabs suggest a direction and offer a firm grip to get you safely to the end of your journey.

Get the best out of the rough edges, for example at the edge of steps, or on the top of a wall – a very trendy look that’s highly decorative.


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4 dalle ferm réa 2_0
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