EnoStyl dark tiles | Blue Limestone | Carrières du Hainaut

Dalle Enostyl foncé

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Elegant and simple, EnoStyl® tiling, with its aged patina, harks back to the abbey or castle style and gives a rustic and warm touch to your interior layouts. To reinforce the old-style look, the edges of the slabs are worn and the corners slightly broken.

The dark finish is suitable only for indoor use. If you prefer a single paving that extends from indoors to outdoors, choose the EnoStyl® Clear.

Rediscover the charm of the kitchens of yesteryear. EnoStyl®, with its variations in tone and its unique particularities, is perfectly adapted to the requirements of kitchen living without hassle. In high-use areas and passageways, its surface is impervious to marks and scratches, and over time its surface takes on an agreeable patina. Its lightly anti-slip surface makes it secure, and a delight to walk on barefoot. Other than kitchens, EnoStyl® is also the perfect floor covering for bathrooms and pool surrounds. 

warm and old-fashioned, a reminder of flagstones in old castles and churches
dark grey
slightly irregular and soft to the touch
brings out blue stone’s unique look with its worn edges
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness

Interior: kitchen flagstones, bathrooms, halls, indoor pools…

CertificateOn request

EnoStyl® Dark paving stones are available in thicknesses of 2, and 3 cm in the following standard formats:

Square format: 15x15 – 20x20 – 30x30 – 40x40 – 50x50 – 60x60 cm

Rectangular format: 30x15 – 60x30 – 60x40 – 80x40 cm

Other formats are available on request. Appropriated skirting comes in heights from 5 to 8 cm, and from 10 to 12 cm.

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor, and let your imagination run free! 


EnoStyl® comes in three variations: EnoStyl® Clear, EnoStyl® Dark and EnoStyl® Dark Brushed. While the dark paving is recommended only for interior use, EnoStyl® can be extended out to your patio for an impression of depth and space.

With their lightly textured finish, EnoStyl® tilings are both anti-slip and soft to the touch, making them ideal for bathrooms, pools and water features. Plus, any lime traces mix in with the stone’s natural decorative aspect.

With their old and worn look, these pavings display in a natural manner the specificities of blue limestone – cavities, white veins etc… as well as its nuanced tones – and with time they acquire an even more patina finish. As with all paving, consider mixing tiles from different pallets.