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EnoPure flagstone

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Simple and authentic, smooth and light grey in colour, the EnoPure® flagstone adds a modern touch to your passageway, car park or courtyard…  

For those who want a natural look, EnoPure® is the blue limestone in its purest form. 

Pure and contemporary
Nuanced light grey with blue lines
Extremely smooth
Light colour shades and saw-marks which will soften over time
Minimal thickness
5 cm
Maximal thickness
5 cm
    Exterior floor

Outdoor only: patios, passageways, courtyards, squares, driveways…

CertificateOn request

EnoPure® paving is available in 5 to 8 cm thicknesses in the following formats:

15x15 - 22x11 - 20x20 cm


With its sawn edges and right-angled profile, EnoPure® gives a structured and pure aspect once placed.  Either lay it in lines to create a sensation of depth, or alternate the laying pattern for an original design motif.

With their six sawn edges and sharp cut, these flagstones need to be laid with mortar joints to avoid them getting knocked out of line and spoiling the linear aesthetic. Thus they require careful handling and precision laying.