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Dark blue honed tile

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Looking for a floor or wall covering that’s bit noble and durable? Blue Limestone of Hainaut paving loves living rooms, kitchens and bathrooms. It’s happy to take the sun out in the garden and it’s always ready for a summer barbecue. Resistant and robust, they can take anything, and their anti-slip surface is your guarantee of safety. A sustainable investment that just keeps on giving.

Blue Limestone of Hainaut is available in a wide range of tiling that’s sure to offer just the thing to suit your every need. The variety of formats and finishes can be combined for just the right effect – you’ll find the right combination for your taste with our different formats – traditional square tiling or the more contemporary rectangular format – very trendy!

deep blue
uniform and smooth surface
is intensely blue with multiple reflections – reserved for internal use
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness
    Interior floorInterior wall

Interior and exterior, walls and floors, depending on the thickness chosen.

CertificateOn request

The following are examples of some of the standard formats available. Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor, and let your imagination run free!  

Square format: 10x10 - 15x15 - 20x20 - 30x30 - 40x40 - 50x50 - 60x60 - 80x80cm

Rectangular format: 60x10 - 60x15 - 60x20 - 60x30 - 60x40 - 80x40 - 90x20 - 90x30 - 90x45 - 100x20 - 100x30 - 100x40cm

Other formats are available on request.

Passende plinten aan de gekozen afgewerkte tegels zijn beschikbaar van 5 tot 8 en zelfs van 10 tot 12 cm hoog.

For interior use, both light and dark shades can be used, as the stone will acquire a darker patina with age, while for exterior use, it’s best to go for lighter tones as the effect of the sun and the elements lighten the stone’s colour with age.

Textured finishes are not only aesthetically pleasing, but they also offer a highly non-slip characteristic. So, for floors that are to be walked on mainly in bare feet, go for lightly textured finishes, such as Blue Flamed or EnoSkin®. The more coarsely textured finishes, such as Chiselled, Charred, Sclyped, Old Cut, Pick-Dressed or Dimpled, offer outstanding decorative effects for wall applications. Also highly anti-slip, they ensure the necessary grip in areas where one is likely to wear shoes, with a grip that’s perfect for areas where security is important.

For inside use, choose up to 1,5 or 2cm thick tiling. Outdoors, on patios etc. a 3cm thickness is sufficient, while car ways and car parking areas will need tilings that are 5cm thick.

You can use bonding glue for setting your blue stone paving. Use a similar colour glue to the stone for a subtle result, or force the contrast with synthetic joints, or coloured mortar.