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Perfect for giving structure to your exterior.

Lay out your garden borders and flowerbeds with style thanks to the blue limestone border separators. Structurally complementary with your blue stone paving, blue stone borders separate your garden areas in perfect continuity. You can choose a finish that’s similar to your paving, or go for a contrast for a bolder look.

depending on the chosen finish
depending on the chosen finish
depending on the chosen finish
available in following finishes : Swan, Blue Grinded and EnoStyl® Clear
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness
    Exterior floor

Exterior: Terrace surrounds, flowerbeds, bordering for paved areas, along alleyways and paths, structuring one’s garden…

CertificateOn request

Blue limestone borders are available in 5 and 8 cm thickness, and at 15 -20 -25 – 30 cm high (total height – half of the height will be buried for stability) and in free lengths from 80 to 130cm.

Discover the entire range, or ask for customised formats at your local distributor , and let your imagination run free! 

It is strongly recommended to bury the border stone to half its height to ensure stability.
Similarly, it is recommended to shore up or buttress one side of the stone with earth.


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