Unlimited possibilities, thanks to a wide range of shades and textures

Decorative, architectural and creative, Blue Limestone of Hainaut comes in a wide range of finishes that really let your imagination run wild. Thanks to its impressive variety of grey - blue shades and textures, you’ll find exactly what you need for your personal style, for an elegant terrace, seating area, shower area or facade that’s both original and full of character.  

A block of stone, a slice, a wealth of finishes

Coming from the depths of the earth, blue limestone is first cut out of the bedrock in large blocks using huge diamond cross-cutters, and then cut down into slices. These sawn slices show the blue limestone in its natural form, blue-grey in tint and highly nuanced. Thus the name of the basic finish, ‘Sawn’.

Using this sawn slice as a basis, a variety of different treatments are applied to bring out or accentuate the different nuances present in the stone in its natural state, and achieve different finishes – honed or flamed, for example. Carving techniques too, both manual and mechanical, allow us to achieve a variety of different finishes such as dimpled, chiselled, picked, bush-hammered... Blue Limestone of Hainaut is a natural and local stone that opens up an endless range of possibilities.

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