Gardentrends 2018 | Neuws | Carrières du Hainaut




Thinking about how to refresh your garden with the arrival of spring? Do you want to create a paradise on earth from your garden according to the latest trends? Discover the garden trends now!

Contrasting combinations

Combining different materials, textures and colors is hot! By creating contrasting combinations in your garden, you create a feeling of liveliness. Indoors this has been popular in recent years, but now this is also being implemented by landscape architects. Structure and optimize your garden so that you can fully enjoy these elegant spaces.

This post-industrial inspiration combined with local and noble materials gives a very refined design. We mainly see the use of the gray concrete color, evocation of rust and white clay. The blue stone finish EnoSkin, homogeneous light gray, slightly grainy and soft, harmoniously combines with corten steel - on your façade or terrace around the pool - and gives modernity and refinement to your home. Or create a timeless and elegant whole by combining on your façade plaster with sawn Belgian blue stone strips - the purest form of this natural stone with light gray tones and light rust marks from sawing.


Dark colors have made their appearance outside. Garden designers are especially enthusiastic about the mineral and natural character of EnoLuce with a matt anthracite gray color and rough appearance reminiscent of the earth's crust. And the sparkle of this Belgian stone gives a subtle play of light, depending on the natural rays that shine on it. Let the stone shine by itself on the driveway or as a garden path. Or combine this mineral feeling on the wall or façade with lush vegetation or as terrace tiles combined with wood. EnoLuce is an excellent choice around the pool because of its soft and non-slip surface. Infuse your garden with mystery, character and a mineral look!


Your garden as an extension of the house

The garden is more and more thought of as an extension of the house in recent years and we see more elements in the garden that we would expect indoors. An outdoor kitchen to make your garden a cozy second living room steeped in tranquility. But also, many decoration elements and furniture: lounges, an outdoor fireplace, deco lighting, carpets and cushions in all kinds of styles, ...

To blur the boundaries between inside and outside, you should choose for the same material on the floor or wall in and ouside. Do you like a rustic, warm atmosphere? Then the light EnoStyl tiles are made for you! Do you prefer a modern look? Consider scoured or EnoSkin tiles in blue stone. Or opt for EnoLuce tiles if you want an authentic mineral look that can easily be combined with other materials and styles.


Wabi-sabi: beauty in imperfection and authenticity

The Japanese concept of wabi-sabi sees beauty in imperfection and authenticity plays an important role in this philosophy. A return to natural simplicity with local materials. In borders, embrace the natural and spontaneous, forget perfect and rectilinear flower beds. Choose a wild and lively look that is easy to maintain in your garden. For your driveway, terrace or swimming pond, the blue stone finishes EnoLuce and EnoTerra with their deep mineral texture offer the authenticity you are looking for. They are powerful and rough like the earth and will naturally fit into your garden.


A vintage garden

Goodbye square tiles in 50x50 or 60x60 in a standard laying pattern, and hello to natural materials and playing with laying patterns, shapes, sizes and even shades to create a natural, vintage or bohemian-chic look.

Blue Limestone of Hainaut consists of a wide range of finishes and products with different color nuances and surface treatments, so you will always find something that suits you. Be creative and design a laying pattern that suits you. Play with tones and square tiles by creating a checkerboard pattern or create lines in light gray blue and anthracite gray with rectangular tiles. Or go for an Opus incertum pattern in which irregular tile shapes are combined in a playful laying pattern.


Be inspired by these terraces!

A zen point with a water point

A fountain, swimming pool, outdoor shower, swimming pond.... The sound of water that flows over natural stone gives a sense of calm to the environment. Thanks to the maritime origin of Belgian blue stone, he is completely in his element in contact with water. In fact, he shows his natural beauty and sparkle of 'petit granit' when used as water point. And do not worry, contrary to prejudice, blue stone is not porous and will therefore remain beautiful for life, even in contact with water during the different seasons.


Find a pool or fountain in blue stone that inspires you