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The most beautiful small and large patio tiles for a stylish garden

The most beautiful small and large patio tiles for a stylish garden

What criteria does your new patio have to meet? If you want it to be high-quality, maintenance-friendly and stylish, look no further. Both small and large bluestone patio tiles will do the trick! We’ve made a list of the best options, so your dream patio is within reach.


A difficult choice: small versus large patio tiles

Large patio tiles have been in fashion for a long time, but now that we are living in smaller homes and our patios are decreasing in size as well, more and more people are opting for modest-sized stones. Moreover, small tiles have an especially charming and southern feel. If you prefer a modern, sleek style, however, then large tiles are the better choice for you. An extra advantage to larger tiles is that they are a breeze to maintain, as they require fewer joints. Conversely, small patio tiles have more joints but tend to have improved anti-slip properties because of it.

Did you know that all bluestone patio tiles from Carrières du Hainaut are available in multiple sizes? That means you can easily, for example, alternate wide and narrow strips for an original and dynamic effect.

EnoLuce: anthracite grey tiles that shimmer

A blue stone for outdoor purposes, EnoLuce has a matte, anthracite grey finish. Because its rough surface is reminiscent of the mineral character of the earth's crust, this tile will make you feel closer to nature. It’s an ideal finish if you’re fond of sleek, modern gardens.

Opt for a rustic look with EnoStyl clear tiles

EnoStyl clear tiles radiate warmth and tranquility, their authentic finish not diverting attention from your beautiful home. Good to know: EnoStyl clear tiles are also perfect for indoor spaces, so you can have your patio tiles match your indoor floor and make your living space look much larger.

Blue Flamed: modern yet timeless

Finally, Blue Flamed is another favourite finish. Elegant yet robust enough to withstand the elements, Blue Flamed is a non-slip finish – ideal if you have small children running around. Moreover, Blue Flamed tiles are a spot-on match for both national and modern architectural styles.

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