The difference between “Hainaut” and “Eno”

What’s in a name? The difference between “Hainaut” and “Eno”

What’s in a name? The difference between “Hainaut” and “Eno”

When you overhear a couple of Carrières du Hainaut employees talking to each other, you’ll notice them switching between the terms “Hainaut” and “Eno”. Both words sound alike, but don’t mean the same thing. Let’s explain the difference between “Hainaut” and “Eno” once and for all!


Hainaut: a reference to our bluestone’s origin

The word “Hainaut” is part of our brand name “Carrières du Hainaut”, which literally means “the quarries of Hainaut”. We bear that name because all our bluestone comes from a quarry in Soignies in Hainaut – something we are particularly proud of. Locally sourced, our product is 100% Belgian and mined and processed in a sustainable manner. If you buy your bluestone from us, you’re not only getting a quality product but also doing the environment a favour.

Eno: part of our product names

When we talk about “Eno”, we’re referring to the unique finishes we developed ourselves, applying a combination of techniques only we know. Mind you, it’s no coincidence that “Eno” sounds so similar to Hainaut. In fact, it’s a subtle reference to the stone’s origin. You’ll find that we use “Eno” either as a prefix or suffix to our product names. Discover some of our Eno finishes below!

  • EnoLuce: “luce” being Italian for light, this name refers to the typical shimmer of anthracite grey stone. EnoLuce is suitable for both indoor and outdoor applications.

  • EnoStyl: this rustic tile reflects the style (styl) of yesteryear. Ideal for homes with a rural or classic look.

  • EnoSkin: a characterful, granulated stone with same finesse as human skin. Thanks to its anti-slip properties, this type of finish is ideal for wet areas, both outside and indoors.
  • EnoDesign: as the name implies, these tiles are a perfect fit for designer homes and architectural buildings. Its grey appearance and tiny pale dots give the stone a unique look.
  • EnoTouch: a deep grey-blue finish with a smooth and soft surface and a satiny appearance. This stone is especially suitable for indoor applications such as worktables, dining tables and other decorative elements.
  • EnoTerra: a rougher type of finish that, thanks to its deep relief, makes numerous interior applications come into their own. This stone is reminiscent of the earth's crust (terra).
  • EnoPasso: this dark grey to satin black stone has a mysterious vibe to it and gets a special patina as time passes ('passo').

Want to get to know our Eno collection even better? Visit our inspiration page to discover what the Eno bluestone finishes can look like in interiors, when used as façade or in the garden.