Design a shower in bluestone

From shower tray to the walls: how to design a shower in bluestone

From shower tray to the walls: how to design a shower in bluestone

Bluestone is the perfect material for the design of your shower. Not only is the stone very easy to maintain in bathrooms thanks to its maritime origins, bluestone also gives your shower a stylish appearance with a warm character. So you can completely relax in your bathroom.


A wonderful shower floor

A stylish shower is naturally a nice bonus, but of course it is essential that it is safe. To avoid slipping and falling, you should avoid tiles with a smooth finish for the floor of your walk-in shower. On the other hand, comfort is also essential, so you should avoiding having stones on the floor that are too rough.

The ideal bluestone for your shower floor? The EnoSkin tile or the Blue flamed tile! With their respective grainy and slightly rough finishes, both tiles have excellent non-slip properties without feeling too rough to the touch. They also retain heat, meaning that your feet will never get cold in the shower.

An accent in bluestone

If you are not a big fan of walk-in showers or your bathroom is unsuitable for them, no problem. You can still integrate the bluestone in your shower in the form of accents. For example, you can opt for a massive shower tray made entirely of bluestone. Or you can choose to retain your classic lead shower tray and simply cover your walls with bluestone.

Playing with textures

If it is better not to choose a rough finish for the floor of your shower, then why not for your walls instead? Do you like textures? Then you can opt for charred or chiselled bluestone for your walls, with a lot of texture. Or do you prefer sleek and clean? Cover your shower walls with honed bluestone or continue the line of the Blue flamed stone on the floor into your walls.

Do you plan to design your own bathroom in bluestone?

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