Carrières du Hainaut: sustainable natural stone from Belgium

Sustainable natural stone: Carrières du Hainaut puts people and the environment first

Sustainable natural stone: Carrières du Hainaut puts people and the environment first

The city of Leuven recently announced that it will be joining the TruStone Initiative, a collaboration between the Flemish natural stone industry and the Flemish government. The initiative is intended to address issues that may arise in the natural stone manufacturing process, such as child labor and unsafe or unhealthy work environments. Soon, all natural stone that is proven to have been mined in a sustainable and fair manner will come with an official certificate.


What makes our natural stone sustainable?

Sustainability has always been close to Carrières du Hainaut’s heart. We therefore often participate in lectures and have organized several conferences on the sustainable exploitation of our natural stone. To us, sustainability has a broad meaning. We not only acquire our natural stone by means of an environmentally friendly process, but also with respect for social legislation and all the people involved, from employees to residents near quarries. Moreover, we can proudly say our natural stone is sustainable because it will last for generations thanks to its qualitative composition.
Because Bluestone from Hainaut is mined and processed in our quarry in Belgium, our production sites are only a stone’s throw away from the yards where the stone is used. The environmental pollution caused by transport is therefore reduced to an absolute minimum, contrary to bluestone surrogates imported from abroad.
Furthermore, we pull out all the stops to ensure a safe and healthy work environment for our employees. Our management continuously joins forces with our staff to develop efficient strategies and procedures together. Much to our delight, professional organizations for prevention and safety at work often include Carrières du Hainaut as an example in their list of best practices.
Finally, all our employees possess expert knowledge, which is, by the way, generally passed on from generation to generation. Bluestone from Hainaut is manufactured by specially trained professionals with a passion for their field. The result of their efforts is a natural stone renowned for its exceptional wear resistance and high thermal inertia that is guaranteed to be comfortable, economical and eco-friendly.

The ATG certificate: a seal of sustainability and quality

Carrières du Hainaut firmly believes in what TruStone represents. OYou can therefore rest assured that their natural stone is one hundred percent sustainable. Bluestone from Hainaut is always accompanied by an ATG certificate issued by the BUtgb, as proof of its reliability. BUtgb is the Belgian approval institute that delivers technical approvals for building materials, products, systems and installers.
That doesn’t mean, however, that we don’t push ourselves to take our sustainability efforts even further. The natural stone we mine in our quarry carries its own ATG label, ‘Petit Granit - Bluestone from Hainaut’, which is even more specific than the general ATG certificate for bluestone from Belgium.

How to avoid unsustainable and low-quality natural stone

Unfortunately, non-sustainable, imported natural stone is gaining ground in construction. Using these inferior quality materials increases costs in the long term, because the stone is quick to wear and show defects. Public clients keen to prevent this from happening can include certain conditions in their specifications. To assist them in doing so, a model expense book was drawn up containing specifications about the tendering procedure, technical clauses, selection criteria, award criteria and conditions for implementation. More information about the model expense book is available at the Pierres et Marbres de Wallonie website.