3 reasons to incorporate bluestone into your bathroom

3 good reasons to incorporate bluestone into your bathroom

3 good reasons to incorporate bluestone into your bathroom

Are you planning to renovate your bathroom in the near future and are still looking for inspiration? Perhaps bluestone is just what you're looking for. With its natural appearance, versatile character and maritime origins, bluestone is ideal for use in bathrooms.

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1. Natural look and feel: bluestone in bathrooms ensures the ultimate chilled-out feeling

It should come as no surprise that bluestone is often used in hammams and saunas. The stone has non-slip properties and retains heat, meaning that it is always pleasant to the touch.

The ideal bluestone for your bathroom? That's EnoLuce. With its mineral character and pure look and feel, it immediately creates a feeling of tranquillity in your bathroom - especially when combined with wood finishes and accents.

2. Versatile character: a bathroom exactly how you want it

Are you not a big fan of wood? No problem! This natural stone is wonderfully versatile and has a neutral tint, which means it can be combined with anything. Whether you prefer a modern, traditional, dynamic or rustic interior, bluestone is ideal. With bluestone, you can design your bathroom entirely to your own taste without any compromises.

3. Maritime origins: easy maintenance in a damp environment

Bluestone has maritime origins and has a mineral character. As a result, the non-porous stone comes into its own in the damp climate of your bathroom. In addition, the stone is extremely easy to maintain. The only thing you need to do is wash the stone with water. To remove more stubborn shampoo and shower gel marks, you can always add a little pH-neutral soap to the water while scrubbing.

You don't have to worry about wear and tear otherwise: bluestone has a natural hardness, which makes it very hard-wearing. In addition, because it is used every day, the stone takes on more character and patina, making it even more attractive.

Curious to find out about the possibilities of bluestone in your bathroom?

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