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When nature meets nature

Did you know? Bluestone is characterized by fossilized sea lilies and available in a wide array of different, all-natural shades. A dream material for all lovers of informal, organic gardens!

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The organic garden

Organic gardens revolve around nature itself. To make an organic garden work, using natural materials and giving them every opportunity to develop as nature intended, is crucial. In that respect, bluestone is ideal. An ancient natural material, bluestone makes for a harmonious addition to organic gardens and becomes even more beautiful as time passes.

Bluestone is a natural material

Bluestone quarried by Carrières du Hainaut is over 345 million years old, formed in the depths of a tropical, warm sea. It is therefore not surprising that this natural stone thrives outdoors and in the vicinity of water. Bluestone is even one of the most solid and qualitative materials available for gardens and outdoor applications, and looks incredibly chic when used for swimming pool walls and coping.

The deep blue, grey and anthracite colours of bluestone tiles is unsurpassed in the garden. If you’re looking to create a subtle play of light, elegance and mystery, a matt finish like Carrières du Hainaut’s EnoLuce is to die for. The slightly rough surface, reflecting the mineral nature of the Earth’s crust, shows off the unique characteristics of blue limestone tiles. This is even true for blue limestone crust, natural stone in its purest form. In organic gardens, this effect becomes even more powerful by allowing grass to grow between the joints.

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