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Clean and linear

Both timeless and contemporary, bluestone adds endless elegance to sleek and modern gardens, patios, swimming pools, pathways, parking areas and more.

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Modern bluestone patio

Your bluestone patio is guaranteed to perfectly match your style. What makes us so sure about that, you ask? Because bluestone is a natural material that comes in various shades, each tile is unique. Moreover, bluestone comes in so many different finishes and sizes that you can easily design your own modern laying pattern.

What’s the best finish for bluestone floor and borders?

Sawn tiles show off blue limestone in its purest and natural appearance. Smooth, simple and authentic, this clear grey colour with strips of light blue features small, irregular shade variations that lend its very own strength and charm and reinforce the modern character of the surrounding. Bluestone borders are available in all styles. Most of our customers choose borders in the same hue and finish as their patio tiles. But no matter what style you choose, bluestone borders always work well in modern surroundings.

How to maintain bluestone in the garden

Bluestone in the garden requires hardly any maintenance. A green deposit may form on the surface during winter, but there really is nothing a simple clean-up with water and possibly a dash of bleach can’t solve.

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