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Hainaut Antic

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There’s nothing better for a cottage style decor than weathered old flagstone! With their worn and trammelled appearance, Hainaut Antic® harks back to the style of old castles and farms. To reinforce their used appearance, these slabs feature worn edges and slightly broken corners.

Originally, this exterior flagstone lent a rustic and warm character to the old abbeys. Since then, many have adopted it to beautify their yard, their driveway, their paths or terrace. It is equally found at home inside, lending an old-style charm to your kitchen, for example. Or be inspired by steam rooms, saunas, spas and wellness centres where it exudes a serenity character thanks to its ability to adjust to room temperature and to preserve heat.

old-fashioned and warm, a reminder of the era of castles and abbeys
light grey
slightly irregular
shows the blue stone authenticity and worn edges
Minimal thickness
Maximal thickness
  • Exterior floor
  • Interior floor
  • Anti skid

Exterior: patios, courtyards, passageways, paths, driveways, pool surrounds…

Interior: kitchen, spa, steam room, bathroom…