Bluestone kitchen: both practical and stylish

Bluestone kitchens - both practical and stylish

Home cooking requires worktops, floors and sinks that can take a beating – and blue limestone is up for the task! Or how about a bluestone backsplash? Creating a stunning kitchen has never been easier.

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Social media get foodies flocking to their kitchens every day to try out new recipes. Bluestone ensures all of that cooking takes place under hygienic conditions, while never compromising on style. Blue Limestone of Hainaut is the perfect material for kitchen backsplashes, worktops, floors and sinks.

Bluestone is among the most versatile materials available. Fitting squarely into the trend of biophilic design and the need for eco-conscious and re-energising spaces, blue limestone adds an authentic feel to any interior, while leaving plenty of room for personal touches and creativity. After all, this natural material comes in many sizes and finishes. It allows you to bring an element of nature into kitchens in the shape of bluestone worktops, floors, walls and even sinks.

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