How creative! A bluestone garage door

Da’s creatief: een garagepoort in blauwe steen

Bluestone from Hainaut® is an authentic and versatile material. It gives any interior, garden or façade a touch of class, yet is perfectly suitable for plenty of out-of-the-box purposes as well. How about a bluestone garage door, for example? It may sound crazy, but it’s actually a brilliant solution. Just have a look at these two recently completed projects – and prepare to be amazed!

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Wall strips for a uniform look

A garage, evidently, is a handy asset to your home. Admittedly, though, garage doors tend to be a blemish on otherwise carefully designed façades. Aware of this problem, Brussels architectural firm Vanderperren searched for a suitable façade cladding material for a home in Flemish Brabant. The intention was to discretely integrate the garage door into the façade, creating an uninterrupted visual whole.

Made of bluestone, ClivEno wall strips offered the perfect solution. The strips have different lengths and breadths, giving the façade a dynamic vibe while emphasizing the natural strata of the rock.

An additional advantage of the ClivEno wall strips is that they are lighter, weighing only 70 kg/m². The architect had investigated beforehand whether the moving parts of the garage door would be able to bear this extra weight compared to traditional types of covering. Upon receiving the green light, the creative design was successfully implemented.

Invisible garage door with crust plates

Somewhere in Tielt stands another stylish house with a garage door clad with Bluestone from Hainaut®. In this case, however, the architect did not opt for wall strips but for rough crust plates. Yet the idea is the same: to create an aesthetic solution that makes the garage door disappear completely into the façade, giving the house a mineral and natural look.
The architect, of course, had to integrate the mechanics of the gate into the design, calculate the correct load-bearing capacity of the door and specify a sufficiently powerful motor to support the weight of the stone-clad door.

Dreaming of a bluestone garage door yourself?

The projects presented on this page prove that creativity and originality can go a long way indeed. They successfully show how bluestone is easy to apply and process, even for applications that may seem less obvious at first.

Are you, too, sitting on a creative idea you would like to implement using bluestone? Then be sure to discuss it with your architect, or contact one of our distributors to discover the many possibilities.